Have a Happy 2022!

Whether you are are planning a 2022 lazy week in the sun relaxing by the pool or something more adventurous like skiing down the slopes in the Alps, backpacking off-the-beaten track or just recharging the batteries with a weekend break, why not chat to your local credit union about a flexible holiday loan or ethical holiday savings account? Hopefully 2022 will bring even greater opportunities for travel and we all need something to look forward to so it's definitely sensible to plan early.

Credit unions are not for profit organisations, owned and controlled by their members rather than shareholders. They are committed to helping their members and local community through offering limitless financial services that improve their quality of life. Credit unions and banks serve members differently. Credit unions can offer some of the best rates on the market and dividends for their members whilst delivering a highly personalised service.

Many people may think it is difficult to join a credit union due to specific rules and regulations, however, there are many credit unions who have different requirements for joining members, therefore essentially there is a credit union for everyone! Find your local credit union at www.creditu.co.uk and choose the right service for you.


  • Competitive interest rates 8.5% (variable 8.86% APR)
  • The amount of interest you pay decreases as you pay back the loan
  • No charges or penalties if you want to pay the loan off earlier
  • Free loan protection insurance to qualifying members
  • Flexible repayments
  • No transaction fees or administration costs
  • Speedy decisions - usually within just 2 days
  • No processing charges or documentation fees, so there are no hidden surprises


  • Simple, straightforward accounts
  • Save from £5 to £1,000 each month (must maintain balance of £10 to retain membership)
  • Annual dividend return paid in December each year
  • Quick and easy access to make withdrawals by BACS transfer
  • Free Life Savings protection  (restrictions apply)
  • Easy to make regular contributions by Direct Debit or from your salary for members of any employee schemes. 
  • Savings accounts are protected by the FSCS up to £85,000.